Monday, April 30, 2007

trip update

i got travel insurance, $100,000 worth, thanks to david (:
i think i am going to get the meningitis vaccination, especially if my insurance will pay for it.
i have to send a new copy of my passport because i forgot to sign it...well i didnt know i was suppose to but now i do
i saw a woman at the Y today that i hadnt seen in a while and i got to tell her about africa and she said "you are so impressive, you have been since you were in college" that was awesome to hear and crazy that i have been out of college for 2 years!

Displace Me 2007

Displace Me was a huge success and way amazing!
First i would just like to say that laura had never even been camping! she bought her pink camo sleeping bag especially for this event! she rocks!
here we are at the beginning of the program. it was sunny and very warm, but not for long.

we were on the early side so when we got there it wasnt super packed and we just laid our suitcases out and chilled for a bit.

everyone around us set up their cardboard shelters. but we didnt need no stinking cardboard. except we sure were wishing we had some about 11:30 when we got back to our campsite and everything was drenched in dew.
the evening started with a welcome and a time to get your cardboard shelters decorated, then we filmed for a long time. they are going to make a film to show in the house and senate that is of all the different sites. i am excited to see it.
to get our saltine crackers and water (the only food for the night) we watched a video about how people in the camps get water and food. then only women between 18 and 22 could get water and only one bottle at a time. and then only dudes could get saltines. so laura and i had to make friends.
then we wrote senators and the president of uganda asking for peace and aid to the displaced.
then there was a little wait time and they did question and answers and they spoke about the teachers exchange and i got to tell everyone that i was going. it was cool.
then we had a guest speaker...the leading officer for education in Gulu! it was awesome to talk to him and know that i will see him again! we got to talk to him for a while after he spoke and heard his take on the situation over there. it was awesome to hear first hand from someone who really understands what it is like to be over there. one thing that struck me was that he said the ugandans are very forgiving and just want peace. they arent looking for "justice" or revenge but for the war to stop and life to resume. it is so humbling to think that they are just ready to forgive and move on. it also shows that there is never a cut and dry right and wrong. there are two opposing forces fighting and the people are caught in the middle.

then it was time to go back to our campsite and sleep. it was way colder than we had anticipated and i dont think laura slept at all. we left pretty early so that we could beat the traffic and get warm!
it was a really awesome experience and i am so glad that laura came. she is such a sweet girl with an amazing heart!
hopefully this time next year there wont be a displace me because there wont be anyone in the camps.

Friday, April 27, 2007

another way to help

i really want to have a garage sale and i would like to have it the weekend before the show, so may 12th. unfortunately i do not have a if you or anyone you know has a place i could have a garage sale that would be a TON of help!

guest speaker and american idol?

it is crazy how things line up! the day a photographer who recently went undercover to darfur came to talk to my kids american idol did a tribute show to africa. my kids have been asking tons of questions and have really been thinking. its great. the speaker was awesome. he had pictures and videos and really kept them engaged. he has also been to uganda so he is going to help me out with things like travel insurance and such (because i am clueless).
oooo i sent my paperwork to invisible children yesterday! yay! i cant wait to find out my flight info and get that all squared away!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

more than money

there are tons of things that are more important than money. sometimes when you are fund raising your mind can get anxious and you can find yourself thinking about money. then someone sends something that totally touches your heart and you are reminded that it is not about the money. things like:
-someone sending you a note to let you know that they are committing to pray for you
-your pastor from your hometown sending you a note that says he is proud of you
-people using their talents to put on a show for you
-someone searching to find new ways to get your cause out there
-someone you workout with telling you she isnt surprised you would do something so selfless
-the look on your students' faces when you tell them where you are going and why
-the excitement the people who care about you show because they know you are doing exactly what God wants you to do
-the knowledge that people are going to your heavenly Father with requests on your behalf
-having a passport for the first time
The list could keep going (:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just a few days away!!

Displace me is just a few days away. if you plan to go make sure you check the list of things you need to take (: laura and i will be driving to atlanta sat morning -ish and have plenty of room for more.
i got my passport last night! yay! now i just have to finish the paper work and write a big check and send it in. It is due the 30th and I am sending it in the mail tomorrow (: yay!
a photographer came today and spoke to my kids about sudan and what is going on over there. he had some incredible stories. he is publishing a book and all the proceeds will go to build wells in sudan. the website is you should check it out.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


ok people there are a few things you seriously need to put on your agendas...1 displace me april 28th in atlanta (or a city near you) if you are on the fence about going watch the videos 2 the connection may 17th good music, good people, good times, great cause (:
i am still waiting for my passport to come in. if it doesnt come in tomorrow i am going to call john spratt again.
watching the new videos about displace me brought a new realization that i am going to be there in about a month and a half....AHHH i am so excited/nervous/scared/pumped/humbled/cant-think-about-anything-else
oo i want to share a new donation. a friend of mine bought the book about a child soldier from starbucks for me to read to my kids! i am going to start it thursday after the guest speaker from darfur comes. how great is that?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

it all comes back to you...

you know that coke commercial, anyhow.
so my friend allie lives in atl and i prayer for a long time that God would surround her with great people to take care of her and love her and such. little did i know that the answer to that prayer would help me as well. her friend is going to give me his frequent flyer miles to travel to and from nyc! amazing! that is a big load off!
lantz commented (cause that what cool kids do) asking what i needed for my trip. first i need prayer. prayer for safety and guidance and courage and strength and clarity and love and patience. then i need moola. my goal is around 5,000. God has used the people in my life to raise about 250 and a flight thus far(:
tonight i took dinner to the band with no name that will be playing at the non-benefit show MAY 17TH AT THE CONNECTION. it was super fun. we ate and they played and i played with asher and jayden and modeled for celeste. i have the best friends.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

once again

well i did it again. i let my impatientness get the best of me. i started to sweat my passport a bit but of course the Lord had it all planned out for me. i called john spratts office again and the lady remembered me and told me that they tracked down my passport and i got an email today saying it is on its way to me (: yay!
also my magnets are in and they are AMAZING! so if you want one and you dont think we will see eachother before i leave comment/email/call and let me know to send one to you.
in other news i am taking dinner to the band that is practicing at the connection tomorrow night for the big show MAY 17TH!! fun times.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

passport issues

i have a prayer request. please pray that my passport comes soon. i applied for it feb 26th and have been trying to look online at the status and it is not on there. i called tons of people and finally they told me to call john spratt. so i did. apparently his office is on it, we shall see how that goes.
anyhow just pray. i totally know God is going to take care of it i just need to be patient. (:
this trip has really opened up a lot of conversations with people i would have never had. people at the gym, school, the grocery store. its been great.
today my yoga instructor was really interested and brought the trip up in class. there was a hotel manager in the room and he talked to me after class. he said that his hotel gets new furniture a lot and he would donate the old stuff to me to sell to raise money! how exciting.
so anyone need any furniture? (:

Monday, April 16, 2007

getting it done

so God has been working, OBVIOUSLY, and guatemala is paid for! yay! now i just have to get my kids to finish raising money for our house!
to answer greg's question from his comment, and by the way all the cool kids comment (:, the connection is across the street from north western high school on highway 5 in rock hill.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

frustrated just a little

i am a little frustrated with my passport. i do not know what is up with it. i applied for is feb 26th and i havent gotten anything back. i checked online and it says that they do not have it in the system. i hope that means that it is on its way back to me. if not i may have to call the passport people and they are really really backed up. i know that it will work out but i wish everything could just be set right now.
i handed out support letters today at church. it was funny because i think people thought they were just sweet cards or something and were so thankful to get a card, little did they know...hehe. it was pretty hilarious because the sermon was definitely on giving. what great timing.
i go back to school this week and things will be crazy i am sure. (:
tomorrow i get to see lizzy's pics from africa! i have been waiting a long time to see them. she and jonathon are going to put together a slide show using them for the show...
speaking of the show its MAY 17TH @ THE CONNECTION @ 7 you should definitely come and bring everyone you know!
hmm i dont have much news other than that. if you have any questions you should comment or you should just comment to let me know that i am not the only person that reads this (:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

refusing to be on hold

because i am so stinkin excited about this summer and its many trips it seems to take a lot of my thoughts. but i have decided that i am not going to live on hold for the next two months. there are plenty of wonderful things that are going to happen before i leave and i do not want to live for the future, especially since we are not promised a tomorrow. i want to live each day to the fullest, while looking forward to the future in a healthy way.
this may seem silly and juvenile but it is a real issue with me. i dont want my excitement about this summer make me unusable in the present.
in other news michelle and i wrote my support letter for uganda, if you dont get one and want one just email or post a comment and i will be sure to get you one, it is a work of literary genius if i do say so myself. michelle rocks at writing these things!
i got to see the image that ryan created to put on my magnet! it rocks! and you know you want one. as soon as they come in i will be passing them out like they are smiley face stickers and i am the wal-mart greeter (: i think that may be my true calling in life.
i hope you are well wherever you are!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


so far i have posted mostly on events or issues pertaining to my trip. but this post is about something i have been thinking and learning about. because of this trip i have been intentionally asking people to pray for me and sharing what is going on with me and in uganda. i usually try not to focus on myself or get people to think about or focus on me. i usually try to help other people. it has been a humbling and eye opening experience. so many times i have been overwhelmed with people. their first response is to help me out, put me on prayer lists, and get involved themselves. i was reading some friends' blogs and one has a link to invisible children and it says that they are praying for me, one of my friends wants to get involved with invisible children, my mom took me shopping to get stuff for africa, a friend is making me magnets to give out so people will remember to pray, and multiple friends are putting together a show to raise awareness/money. UNBELIEVABLE. God is showing me that i am not alone. He is with me and He has placed people in my life that love me and i can love because He fills me up and He takes care of me and He does that through the people around me. it says in my profile that i am blessed beyond measure and it is true. i guess it makes sense that today is easter, i have been given soo much and i am soo thankful that God is putting me in a place that i can be used and can give others opportunities to help through me. i am not going to africa alone. God is with me and already there and the prayers and support of my friends and family will be with me.

close call

WHEW! i read through my info packet and was super excited. i gave it to michelle to read through so she could better help me to write my support letter and she brought something to my attention. i didnt even check but they had put me in the second group, which would get me back after laurens wedding and after the team left for Guatemala. in other words, i had to change groups. i called amy, the contact person, and she realized it had been her mistake but she assured me that it could be fixed. the next day she emailed to let me know that i would be in the first group and everything had been fixed. needless to say there was a knot in my stomach for a day but God has everything figured out and if it is His will i will be there and if it isnt His will then i dont want to be there. ( i really want it to be His will (: )

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

info overload with questions remaining

YAY i got my info packet from invisible children. it had a lot of helpful info like i will be staying in a guarded compound with the other volunteers and i need dress clothes for the classroom, i think just skirts, and there will be Internet access while i am there.
i still have a lot of questions like what exactly i am going to be teaching and where. the options are awere secondary school, gulu high school and sir samuel baker high school. you can check them out at and what the exact details of my flights are. i have to schedule my own flights to and from nyc so that info is important to know.
one exciting thing is that i will be doing a 1/2 day safari in uganda's murchinson falls national park and a 1/2 day raft on the nile! amazing!
i would love questions about specifics (: so if you have any comment and i will post the details
much love!

Monday, April 2, 2007

more fun!

Invisible Children came up with an idea to raise awareness and unite with one voice to urge politicians and the such to do something about what is happening in Uganda, they call it displace me. The nearest city is Atlanta! I am going and I know that a few other people have said that they are interested. If you are around here and want to carpool just let me know! I would love to take a bunch of people down there, plus my mom doesnt want me to go alone (:
ps if you are reading this i am so encouraged that you are interested and if you comment you make my heart smile!


I had to submitt a 100 word bio and pic to invisible children for them to use in different things. so here it is (:

My name is Danielle Davies. My heart is Jesus. My church and friends are my family. My passions are loving, serving, encouraging, and teaching. I graduated from Winthrop University and have been teaching seventh grade math for two years. I believe God put me in middle school because that is when kids decide what kind of person they will become. And math because, if I can show a middle schooler they can do math, they can do anything. I feel called to teach students who need a little extra love, support, and sass. I stress taking chances, respect, and working to your potential in my class. We sing, dance, create, and work hard. I found out about Invisible Children about a year and a half ago and have been burdened to do what I can ever since. I am blessed beyond measure and can't wait to help out in Uganda in any way I can.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Raising support for my trips this summer has been an amazing opportunity to see God working in those around me. It amazes me how many of my friends were not only willing to help out but jumping at the chance! For Guatemala I sent out a support letter. Michelle helped me out tremendously! If you did not receive a letter and would like one just send me a message and I will get one to you (:
She is going to help me with my support letter for Africa this week, so be checking your mailboxes. Ryan is going to make some way cool magnets to put in them to remind people to pray for me while i am away.
AND the Lord has surrounded me with incredibly talented musicians and they are getting together to do a show to help raise awareness for what is going on in Uganda!
God has really been teaching me a lot about provision and patience in this time.
O and my kids are raising money to buy a house in Guatemala (:


So to go out of the country it is necessary to inoculate yourself with some viruses and serious diseases. I had to get 5 vaccinations: hepititus a, pollio, typhoid, yellow fever, and tetnus ( i got the booster so i dont give babies whooping cough). lets just say my left arm still hurts and i got them 5 days ago. and my checkbook is srill a little sore (:

First Step

The first step for both trips was to apply.
For Guatemala my application incorporated my testimony. Most of you know this but for those of you that dont the Lord has been working in my life and taking care of me since I was young. Our relationship really developed in college when He put 3 amazing girls (and by affiliation 8) in my life. They really showed and taught me what a relationship with Jesus was really like. I started to study the Word and grew a lot spiritually. He has continued to use the people He places in my life to show me His love. I am blessed beyond anything I can imagine. Currently He is teaching me about healing and forgiveness. I struggled with an eating disorder for a few years and then struggled with trying to "fix" myself for a few more years. Just recently He has shown me that by laying my burdens down I can truly be set free in Him and cant wait to see what He has in store for me now that I can walk without that on my shoulders! Praise Him!
My application for Invisible Children had 5 questions I had to answer. Here they are:
1.What do you think you should expect when traveling to another country?
Traveling to a developing nation means expecting to be surprised, expecting to learn about a different people group, and expecting to be changed for the rest of my life. I expect uncertainty. There will probably be disorganization in many things and so patience will be a necessity.
2.What draws you to Uganda?
The children draw me to Uganda. Since the first time I read about what was going on over there they have been on my heart. I desire nothing more than to help them as much as I possibly can. God has given me the gift of teaching and the patience and desire to work with children and I want to use those gifts to help the children in Uganda.
3.Please discuss an experience or encounter that did not have the expected outcome and expound on it as a learning experience.
My first year teaching there was a student that I just new I would be able to reach. He tested my patience and boundaries every day. I invited him to come in early to do work with me, I offered to fix him breakfast so he would be able to use that time to work in my room, I offered him help with other classes besides mine, and I gave him chance after chance. He was going to be the one that changed because of me. He did not change his behavior and did not accept my help. He got into a lot of trouble outside of my class and was sent to an alternative school. I learned that sometimes everything I know to do is not enough, that I do not control everything. I also learned the satisfaction of knowing that I did not give up and that at the end of the day I know that I did everything I knew to do.
4.How do you expect to deal with the issues of western privilege?
The culture I live in right now is very different than the culture I plan to visit. I understand that I take for granted the things that people there only dream about. I in no way plan to downplay the fact that there are many things that are easier for me because of where I live. However, especially with the students, I want to communicate what things in which they are rich and privileged. They have worth outside of material things. They have dreams and aspirations just like me. The strength and courage that they have are so amazing and valuable. The issues of western privilege are issues that I know I can not explain or defend, I can only humbly come to learn from them and give what knowledge about teaching I have.
5.What are your expectations regarding a teaching/learning opportunity of this nature?
I expect to learn much more that I teach. I plan to give what I know about teaching to the teachers there to help them use what resources they have to the fullest. I expect to use what I know about pedagogy and management and adjust and modify it to benefit the teachers and students there. I expect to be blown away by the teachers and students there. I plan to take this experience back to my classroom and school and community and use it to inform others and better my teaching.
The crazy thing about my application for Invisible Children was that I completed it and sent it off through over night mail the day before it was due. I did not even know about the program. I had gone to the website a lot but never searched around more that the bracelet, news release, displace me, and merchandise sites. The website really has a lot on it.