Thursday, March 11, 2010

bits and pieces

so i wont go into extreme detail (the only person who would be interested in that would be Leah and maybe Rolla, and i already spoke with them (: ) but here are some highlights:
-travelling with amy was full of laughter (: and i loved it!
-when we arrived at the airport in lima and no one was there to pick us up amy and i stood in front of about 100 people or maybe more and waited for our names to be called out and she said "i prepared myself for this, this is the worst case scenerio, if no one is here by 3am i am busting out my guitar and you are going to preach and we are going to have a revival right here."
-when we were learning about God's love and reef (4 year old) learned that God loves you even when you lie, he was shocked and it was awesome (:
-anytime a baby fell asleep in your arms or a little one wanted a hug (:
-anytime a parent thanked me for being there
-the way the kids LOVED the crafts and remembered the lessons
-hiking up a desert mountain
-trying ceveche and cow heart for the first time
-realizing that i am a fan of committment, i often believe the lie that i dont committ or i shy away from committment, thats not true, the opposite is true. i am kind of like "hi my name is danielle, want to be best friends forever?" and then i stick to it. i was sad to leave those families and still miss them. i am thankful for a heart like that.
-read Psalm 16:5-6 and Psalm 119:111 i was overwhelmed by the fact that i have a new inheritance in the Lord and that my earthly inheritance is beautiful because it is what the Lord has used to bring me to Himself.
thanks for reading (:
my next trip is to LA and then back to uganda (:

Monday, March 1, 2010

peru peru

so thus far we have totally been on vacation. amy and i arrived in the airport around 12am sunday morning. we went through immigration and customs very smoothly. we walked through security for the last time and waited for someone to call out our name. and we waited, and waited, and waited. we watched people reunited with their loved ones, people meet taxi drivers, people look a little shell shocked and find taxis. and we waited and waited. finally at 1 we called the guest house and found out that the listro´s flight was late and that they would be landing in about 30 minutes and we were going to hook up with them and get a ride to our hotel. so we waited some more.
we hooked up with the listro gang (mom dad and 5 kids). we completely loaded down a van and rode the 15 or so minutes to the guest house where we dropped off everyone but christian (dad) and then rode the 3 minutes to our hotel.
it was pretty hilarious to see amy´s reaction to the room. it was really nice, in peruvian standards.
we are currently waiting for the bus to come get everyone and take us to the hotel where the conference will be.
more to come!