Monday, May 3, 2010

update on me

so here is the short of it. i could give you a long list about why i should go to peru in august, and i could give you just as long of a list about why i should wait. in the end i have to trust that the Holy Spirit will lead me down the path that most glorifies the Lord and that is my desire. i have decided to wait to go. i will be leaving for uganda on june 12th and get back august 10th and will teach another year in the states. who knows what the Lord has in store for that time or for next summer. my prayer is that i will continue to walk faithfully on the path that He directs and be open to every opportunity He gives me to serve and love and minister wherever i am for His glory! He is good and His plan is best and i am thankful that He loves me!
thanks for all the prayer and support. (: