Friday, January 25, 2008

o the heart

if you have been reading this you know that in one of my posts i said that going to africa was bittersweet because now i will always be away from people and places that i love. well here is another tug stateside, my new nephew sawyer. he is so precious and i love him so much. he is laurin's (my college roommate)!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the next adventure

Ok kids its official I am on my way back to Uganda with invisible children this summer. The exact times are still up in the air and there is a possibility I will do some work with harvesters in Kenya after the teaching exchange. As things stand now I am going to be the "point" person at my school and the "point" person for the math teachers at all the schools along with John (another returnee from a different group). I am excited about this role change and look forward to the challenges and the such. I am in the beginning stages of putting together a benefit dinner/silent auction around the end of feb. there has also been a little talk of another show from chann so stay tuned for further updates.
Like before we had to submit a bio and pic so i thought i would share this years.

Danielle Davies' heart is Jesus. her church and friends are her family. Her passions are loving, serving, encouraging, and teaching. She graduated from Winthrop University and has been teaching seventh grade math for three years. She believes God put her in middle school because that is when kids decide what kind of person they will become. And math because, if she can show a middle schooler they can do math, they can do anything. She feels called to teach students who need a little extra love, support, and sass. She stresses taking chances, respect, and working to your potential in her class. They sing, dance, create, and work hard. She spent 5 weeks in Uganda last summer. She learned so much about herself, teaching, life, and love and left a huge part of herself there so she is excited to be on her way back. She believes in this program and Invisible Children and is so blessed to be able to use what God has gifted her with to support them.