Tuesday, May 29, 2007

so much going on

there a million things going on with packing and leaving and moving and the such. i am so thankful that God has surrounded me with tons of people that love Him and love me. He has also just given me this incredible peace beyond understanding. He is so good to me!
I am officially inviting everyone and anyone to come say goodbye to me at my new place sat. i dont know if it is a good idea to put specific directions to where i live on the internet. so if you dont know where i will be email me and i will give you directions. (:

Sunday, May 27, 2007

the big show

well i was going to wait to post about the show til i got some more pics but o well these will definitely do.
lets see the show was WAY better than i could have ever imagined. there were tons of people there and the music was out of this world fantastic!
good friends!

this is the way to rock out!

when she saw the innocent dvd and the guy did a back flip she said "he did gymnastics on africa" she also decided that she wanted to go with me and said she would ride in my luggage. (:

it is awesome to say that amy coccia played at my show but it is going to be soo much cooler to be able to say it when she makes it to the big-time! cause let me tell you she is on her way!

no i did not sing but i did say a little about what i am going to be doing. really just babbled as usual (: you know i couldnt go the whole night without saying somehting on the stage

courtney's song was a definite highlight of the night for me. she is one talented lady and she has been such a dear friend to me.

is that chann holding the mike?! my mom was WAY impressed! she said "you know him and he lives around here?
the show, the yard sales, the way people have supported me and continue to support me have just been amazing examples of how the body of Christ works. we are all part of the body and for one to function as He intended we all do our own little parts. some people sing, some people give, some people pray, some people go and teach in uganda. its all important and God gets the glory for all of it!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I am proud of you

these words have never touched me so much as they have recently. some very special people in my life have recently told me that they are proud of me. not for some great feat that i have accomplished but for going to africa and listening to what the Lord wants me to do and doing it. its kind of crazy because usually people tell you they are proud of you after you have done something. but in my case they are just proud that i am going. its crazy. they are proud that i am following what the Lord would have me do and they have all the faith that i will be effective and accomplish the work He has set before me. its awesome and exciting and very humbling. it encourages me and challenges me and fills my heart. my pastor talked about how God uses creation and scriptures to speak to us and He also uses the church. the people that He has called. i know that He is using the people around me to say that He is proud of me. as usual my post is just my stream of thought and typing that made me stop and take a deep breath. my heavenly Father is proud of me. speechless.

Friday, May 18, 2007

2 weeks and counting!

i cant believe i will be leaving in 2 weeks. its sort of not real to me i think.
the show was absolutely amazing and way greater than i could have imagined. i will post about it later when i have my pictures and thoughts together.

i got the meningitis vaccination today. i know some of you have been concerned about that (angie) (:

Thursday, May 17, 2007


i cant wait til tonight!
ps dont go online to get tickets. they are $5 at the door and apparently the iTickets people are charging $1.50 extra. there will be plenty of tickets at the door. (:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


everyone should come and bring everyone they know! the talent in this show will blow your mind!
You can go to iTickets.com for advanced tickets or get them at the door.
Directions to the Connection:
Take Cherry Road through Rock Hill to Highway 5
Take a right onto Highway 5 and follow down towards Northwestern High School
The Connection will be on your right across from the high school behind Burger King. If you pass Rawlinson Road Middle School you have gone too far

I cant wait to see you there!

Monday, May 14, 2007

photo op

i was looking around on invisible children's website catching up on the latest news from uganda and the results from displace me. and low and behold there laura and i are on the internet!
go to http://www.invisiblechildren.com/displaceMe/
scroll down and click to see the photos, then click on atlanta and then to see the pics. we are the 3rd pic. we are laying on our sleeping bags beside eachother a little right and above center! we were really there!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I dont really know what to say. so i am going to use pictures to tell this story. the afternoon started with frank and i going around picking up donations from all over rock hill. then claire and sam drove from cola to meet up at lizzy's and drop off a car load of donations. david drove from charlotte with a car load. we all went to dinner and then started pricing. then lantz said (of course he thought of the money part) do you have change? so david and i went and picked up the baked yummies from jeniffer (she is an AMAZING baker) and stopped at bi-lo for ice cream and quarters (: luckily they helped us out. that along with all the change in lantz's car sufficed for the day. this is what it looked like when we started.

this was our best customer/worker/food provider

she is also rumored to have some connections with the serious yardsaling (yes thats a verb) community, people who know what they are looking for and dont waiste their time with niceties just yell from their car "got any dvds?"

no yard sale would be complete without those highlight items like this one

these shorts were also a hightlight.

this is how she really felt

this is how he felt

this is how loyla felt

there were many special guests but i think brooke wins for cutest shopper

at the end of the day we made almost $450 and since we had this left

we will be having yardsale 2 at the baxter community yardsale this sat. we will be right beside heather and my mom will be there so there is sure to be good times!
thanks so much to all those that helped out, donated, and shopped.

i am blessed!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Directions corrections

ok people. i am a loser and have no directional/driving abilities to speak of. here are the correct directions
take exit 88 off of I-77 towards Tega Cay
turn left right before fishbone grill into waterstone subdivision
take the first right onto poseidona
then left onto shellstone
then its 731 (:
sorry for the confusion!
hope to see you tomorrow

Thursday, May 10, 2007

yard sale/ parrrtaaay

i am so completely floored that so many people have and are helping out with the yard sale. friends have donated stuff, lizzy is donating her place, frank is being my personal moving service, jennifer is making goodies to sell, clab is driving down from cola to donate, lauren is making signs, david is driving from charlotte to donate, i cant say thank you enough!
if you are breathing and in the area you should make plans to stop by lizzys
take 77N to exit 85
take a right on Gold Hill Rd.
take right into Waterstone (Coralstone Dr.)
take first right on Poseidon Way
take left on Shellstone Place
yard sale at 731 on the left

there will be good food, good junk, and good times!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

do huh?

i went to charlotte one tonight. fun as always. clayton king was the speaker. i know him from my winthrop days when he would come (always at valentine's day) and speak about relationships. he spoke about suffering. he said some really great thought provoking things, like pain awakens us to our need for Christ and God is good all the time. think about those and see what you come up with. i know i will.
anyhow he mentioned what is happening in sudan and uganda. after he spoke i was waiting around for some people who brought donations to the yard sale...which by the way all the cool kids donate to and are coming to (: and clayton walked by and spoke to ashleigh so i whipped out a uganda support letter and asked him to pray for me. i hesitated at first because i didnt want him to think that i was just trying to get money. i honestly felt like the Lord wanted me to ask him to pray. his response was "awesome, have you raised all your support?" no i said and then he said "come over here and let me give you all the money i have, i dont know how much i have but lets see"
what? are you serious? no facade, no faking it, no sure yea whatever. he was instantly excited and moved to help. honestly i dont think i would have reacted that way. how challenging. when faced with something for your first instinct to be what can i do. sort of like what he spoke about. instead of asking why God are you letting this happen we should change the question to what God are you doing through or around me and how can i participate in Your plan to make me who You desire me to be. whoa.

Monday, May 7, 2007

one man's trash

is my ticket to Africa!
i am having a yard sale sat may 12th at Lizzy's to raise money for my trip. if you have any items to donate please email or comment and i can come pick them up or you can drop them off friday night or sat morning.
you should also plan to stop by and check out the goods
directions to lizzy's
take 77N to exit 85
take a right on Gold Hill Rd.
take right into Waterstone (Coralstone Dr.)
take first right on Poseidon Way
take left on Shellstone Place
yard sale at 731 on the left

also be sure you have marked your calendar for the show at the connection may 17th!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

things that make you go MMMM

Malarone - the pill that will (hopefully) keep the malaria away. i went to the doctor thursday and got my malaria pills. i avoided the dredded larone (sp) please pray for no side effects (:
Meningitis - i think i have gotten the vaccination before but i cant remember and the doctor is having difficulties finding my records. i am going to call winthrop monday to see if maybe they have anything and call the other random doctors i have seen over the years to see if maybe they have something. i asked the doctor and he acted like getting it twice was not a good idea. it is not required for Uganda but it wouldnt hurt. we shall see.