Monday, April 13, 2009

this is for michelle (:

so i am not in another county, although it sometimes feels like it, i am in the big apple (: it has been a great visit so far. catherine came and picked me me from the airport (a little gulu speak for you) and we rode the bus to her beautiful and spacious place in the city where we were soon greeted by amy collins and trisha (both from uganda) and another of catherines friends and we all had delicious chicken tacos together and caught up. then easter sunday we got up and had a glorious breakfast and went to her church to celebrate the resurrection. it was great. the service was much more traditional with readings and such than eternal but it was beautiful and the people were so lovely and welcoming. then we just walked around all day and toured the city, went through the park, and chatted. one of our favorite things to do is to speak gulu speak to eachother. every now and again i will throw a "thank you please" or she will say "even for me" and it is great cause we both bust out laughing. we also have a million inside jokes that keep us laughing all day.
last night after dinner we went to a hip hop club where they have an open mic night every sunday night called E O Dub (End of the Week) it was pretty cool to be seeing the underground hip hop scene first hand. we went to hear dujeous which was sort of a featured guest for the night. it was a lot of fun. i was surprised at how many different kinds of people were there. that is one thing i love about this city, there are all kinds of different people.
today we plan to go to Fire Island and see the beach and have a yummy lunch somewhere and then head back to the city for sushi and a movie.
tomorrow i get to see margot!! (:
one thing that has been really neat for me is just remembering that God is everywhere and no matter if i am on a plane to another country or just another state He is with me and He is the same. Catherine and I have been talking a lot about trust and the freedom in trust and what it means to really trust. And as usual whenever we share about our lives i am constantly reminded of the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING community of people i am surrounded by daily at home and cant help but sing out in praise to my Father for blessing me that way.