Wednesday, April 28, 2010

counting down

i am so excited about going back to uganda and trying to get things together so that i will be ready in 45 days! as you know my travel (minus the flight to and from nyc), room, and board (minus lunches and a few dinners) is being paid for by invisible children which is awesome. however, i know what an awesome thing and blessing it is to have people partner with you and help support you while you are away. so i have been working on a list of items that i will need (meds, protein bars, etc). if you are interested in helping out please contact michelle. if you dont know who that is post a comment and i will contact you and get you the info (:
otherwise i ask that you pray that the preparation and such for this summer goes smoothly and that the Lord uses the time to be glorified (:

Thursday, April 8, 2010


so i know LA is not another country, but lets face it its no rock hill (:
the trip over here was really nice. after sunday lunch at the namo's cindy and jeremy dropped me off at the airport and i slept most of the way.
the LA airport was huge and i saw people who had drivers pick them up and open their doors and this one very able-bodied man who had another guy get his luggage and follow him around like a puppy, in my mind they were very famous for reasons unknown to me, but they may have just been rich.
anyway my aunt and cousins and i went to hearst castle
which was awesome and beautiful. we spent a night on the beach.
then wed evening allie came and picked me up and i spent the night with her and then this morning we went to the beach and did the barefoot walk with toms.
this company is pretty sweet and i cant wait to do more things with them. hopefully we can do a style your sole party (:
and while i was at the walk, i saw an old friend who i actually met in uganda but had done a mission trip with in new orleans! (there were lie 300 of us so we didnt meet there) small world! (i love that kind of stuff)
jimmy you met norman! thats awesome. such an interesting man.