Tuesday, July 27, 2010

just something fun

How you know you are adjusting to life in Gulu:
1. it only takes you one baby wipe to “shower”
2. you start thinking in broken Brittish English
3. you automatically answer to and give your name in a way that is understandable to Ugandan’s (Daniella, Carthy)
4. you automatically copy emails before you send them in case your internet connection disconnects
5. you wave hi to shouts of “bye!!”
6. sounds of voices from home make you cry
7. you barely notice EVERYONE staring at you constantly or the children laughing at your every move
8. you are used to waving constantly while you walk to town, sort of like a parade every day
9. you are not surprised when you order something and it’s “not there”
10. you have learned to sleep without a pillow because the one you have is like a large boulder


Chuck said...

Excellent !!!
This is where everyone's "War Stories" of their lives comes from. You take the worst events, and look back at them, smile, and laugh, and shake your head.
Keep Laughing... it's all we've got to keep our sanity!
Oh, and We're PROUD of You, Too !!

Kylie said...

The sound of your voice made me cry! So glad you are coming home soon!!